Film Southasia is delighted to announce the list of films selected for screening at FSA’22, the Festival’s Silver Jubilee Year!  The 13th edition of the biennial festival of Southasian documentaries will open on 21 April and close late on 24 April, with the award ceremony.

Of the more than 3000 films submitted our selection committee had a tough task trying to determine what to pick. Valuing the craft and significance of the story alike, they also kept an eye on including all areas of this vast region. Please do not be disappointed if your film has not found a place on the list, for the quality of films submitted was very high and the competition really tough!

FSA’22 will screen 56 films in this 25th year of our existence. Another 8 films will be screened in the “Student Films” category to showcase the work of the next generation of filmmakers. More information on the festival will be available in the coming weeks on our website and our social media channels. 

Main Selection


Directors: Anoshka Matthews , Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Mohit Bhalla, Wenceslaus Mendes
Producers: Rajiv Mehrotra, Public Service Broadcast Trust

A Bid for Bengal

Directors: Dwaipayan Banerjee, Kasturi Basu
Producers: Kasturi Basu, Dwaipayan Basu


Director: Geetika Narang Abbasi
Producer: Geetika Narang Abbasi

Amid the Villus

Director: Sivamohan Sumathy
Producer: Sivamohan Sumathy

Bangla Surf Girls

Director: Elizabeth D Costa
Producer: Lalita Krishna

Behind the Book

Director: Ram Krishna Shaha
Producer: Ram Krishna Shaha


Director: Prantik Basu
Producer: Prantik Basu

Beyond Blast

Director: Ratan Saikhom
Producer: Sushila Leima Konjengbam

Blues of Pink

Director: Grishma Giri
Producers: Pragya Neupane, Sandesh Lopchan Tamang


Director: Samarth Mahajan
Producers: Sunil Doshi, Ashay Gangwar, Devaiah Bopanna, Samarth Mahajan

City Girls

Director: Priya Thuvassery
Producers: Chambal Media, Nirantar, Third Eye


Director: Ganesh Panday
Producer: Sharada Gaire

Come over for a drink, kanchhi

Director: Sikuma Rai
Producer: Sikuma Rai

Critical Juncture

Director: Alessia Barbiero
Producers: Batoul Karbijha, Navikran Brar

Emergence: Out of the Shadows

Director: Vinay Giridhar
Producer: Alex Sangha

Family going live

Director: Akshay Ingle
Producers: Akshay Pradip Ingle, Pooja Ingle

Fire and Flowers

Directors: Benny Aynick, Abhijith Suresh
Producers: Benny Aynick, Abhijith Suresh

Gay India Matrimony

Director: Debalina
Producer: Films Division of India

Ghar Ka Pata (Home Address)

Director: Madhulika Jalali
Producers: Madhulika Jalali, Amit Singh, Navneet Kakkar

God’s Buffalo

Director: Bishnu Kalpit
Producers: Film Crew Nepal

Gurkha Girl

Director: Bishal Roka Magar
Producer: Bishal Roka Magar

Highways of Life

Director: Amar Maibam
Producer: Films Division, Mumbai

His Experiments with Science

Director: Aditya Seth
Producer: Devendra Chopra

Human costs of the Baglihar dam

Director: Raqib Hameed Naik
Producer: Raqib Hameed Naik

Iqraar-naama (The Agreement)

Director: Priyanka Chhabra


Director: Bani Singh
Producers: Bani Singh, Yugesh Walia

Moon on the man

Director: Prince Shah
Producer: Anshul Pandey, Prince Shah

My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan

Directors: Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi


Directors: Haroon Riaz, Jawad Sharif
Producers: Jawad Sharif, Syeda Kashmala

Nokkuvidya- The story of a lone string puppeteer

Director: Reshmi Radhakrishnan
Producer: Carbon Frames

Portrait of a Willow Woman

Director: Supriya Prasad
Producers: Aditya Kripalani, Sweta Chhabria Kripalani

Ruins and Remain

Director: Mrinalini Tewari
Producer: Echoical Creations

Sab Rab De Bande (We’re all God’s Creation)

Director: Sukhdeep Singh
Producer: Sukhdeep Singh

Seasons of Life: Foraging and Fermenting Bambooshoot during Ceasefire

Director: Dolly Kikon
Producer: Dolly Kikon

Shut Up Sona

Director: Deepti Gupta
Producer: Sona Mohapatra

Songs of the Water Spirits

Director: Nicolö Bongiorno
Producer: Nicolö Bongiorno

Sri Lanka’s Rebel Wife

Director: Kannan Arunasalam
Producer: Kannan Arunasalam

Stories from the Second Floor

Director: J J Abraham
Producer: J J Abraham

Strike with the beat

Director: Sai Kyaw Khaing
Producer: Sai Kyaw Khaing

The Big Headed Boy, Shamans & Samurais

Directors: Bibhusan Basnet, Pooja Gurung
Producers: Rani Massalha, Marie Legrand, Prawin Karki

The Bishwa Ijtema

Director: Nuray Kayacan
Producer: Nuray Kayacan

The Brokpa Trail

Director: Shyamal Nath
Producer: Kite Manja

The Casteless Collective – Prologue

Director: Monesh
Producer: Pa.Ranjith

The Ice Cream Sellers

Director: Sohel Rahman
Producer: Sohel Rahman

The Iron Digger

Director: Anil Budha Magar
Producer: Jelbang Sewa Samaj

The secret life

Director: Sohel Rahman
Producer: Sohel Rahman

The Show Must Go On

Director: Sohel Rahman
Producer: Sohel Rahman

The Social Distance

Director: Aditya Kapoor
Producer: Tanvi Mishra

The Story of Lumshnong

Director: Aarti Shrivastava
Producer: Aarti Shrivastava

This Stained Dawn

Director: Anam Abbas
Producer: Anam Abbas

Those Days

Director: Madhurima Roy
Producers: Onir, Irene Dhar Malik, Abhishek Dhar

Two Three One

Director: Ramith C


Director: Pranaya Limbu
Producer: Pranaya Limbu

Windows of Time

Director: Mrinmoy Nandi
Producer: Kaahon Kommunications

Ye Lo Bayan Humaare, And We Were There

Director: Uma Chakravarti
Co-Director: Priyanka Chhabra
Producer: Pension Pictures

Student Selection

Come what may

Director: Neelansh Mittra
Producer: Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi

For the Love of Cow

Director: Maitreya Sanghvi


Director: Pradeep Dhakal
Producer: Pradeep Dhakal

Rabari: The People of the Leopard

Director: Ashwin Gokhale
Producer: Vani Kaul

Rijak Roti

Director:  Krishna Raj Soni
Producer: The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, IndiaPradeep Dhakal


Directors: Mohd Fehmeed, Zeeshan Amir Khan

The Heartbroken Lover

Director: Ridhima Sharma
Producer: Debashish Kumar

When I Was Small

Director: Shuchi Prasad
Producer: Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi