Barkha Mukhiya

Flames of a Continuous Field of Time

This film from its multitude of voices  attempts to examine the society around the bold yet invisible existence of Dalit women in Nepal




54 min




Nepali, Bhojpuri, English


Barkha Mukhiya


This film travels through a multitude of voices that reflect the interdependent nature of our existence in a system that has, for thousands of years dehumanized Dalit women’s bodies and existence. In the film, we live through the experiences of injustice, resilience and resistance of women from the Dalit community, examining the ever reproducing nature of an oppressive society by invoking the art of seeing, learning, and listening.

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about the director

Barkha Mukhiya is a visual storyteller based in Kathmandu. In 2020 she was the recipient of the British Council’s ‘Gender Grant’. Barkha has worked as a writer, director, director of photography and editor for several documentaries, ad films and music videos. Her first short film was screened at Pinewood Studios in the UK and Raleigh Studios in Hollywood (First-Time Filmmaker Sessions) and Museum of Creative Minds (Shanghai Shorts – Shanghai, China). She is currently associated with Fuzz Factory Productions, a multimedia collective based in Kathmandu.

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